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Dear friends, 

We have been meaning to update this blog for a while and since its already into the 1st quarter of 2010, we thought why not have a spanking new blog!

We will be updating www.39voices.com from now on. 

You can also catch us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/39east or Twitter at @39voices

The 39 East Team



Megan + Justin

Here's one of my fave shot from a recent shoot. Looking at it makes me happy. :) Megan asked if that was a toy and I replied with a happy, "Yes and it can create beautiful images as well :)"



Perth - Nov 2010

Back to where it began

It was 1998. I was on a geographic field trip with my classmates in scenic Perth. My buddy Jon had a SLR with him (it was still the days of film). I borrowed it from him and after a few clicks, i was hooked. As they say, the rest is all history.

Here is one of the images that came out from that click.


I will be traveling back to where it all began in November 2010. Email us at info@39eastimages.com for details on the packages to Perth for pre-wedding or wedding day photography.

Eng Hong


and how we deal with it.


Image from Shawn and Rachel's wedding yesterday.

EH :)


WPJA Q2 Contest

In the recently ended 2nd Quarter contest for the WPJA, we are happy to announce that Eng Hong has bagged the top prize in the Emotion category!

Congratulations! Image is clickable. :)


Philip & Gladys Married!

I've never met Philip or Gladys prior to their wedding over the weekend but I was quite sure that they would be an awesome couple with a beautiful wedding. The theme for their wedding was "Chic and Classic with touches of Blue" and was put together by the dedicated team from Heaven's Gift. Held at the classy Raffles Hotel, they had their solemnisation at The Lawn decorated with beautiful white and blue lanterns.

I met Gladys while she was getting her makeup done and we had a great chat and had a few laughs when she shared with me how Philip proposed. Later on I found out that she was my sister in law's ex colleague!

As it was also the Mid Autumn festival, they had mooncakes in their candy corner on top of the yummy candies and chocolates. It was great fun shooting their wedding!

Here are some images to share. Do visit our Facebook page for more images from their wedding day.


Alpg_web01 Alpg_web02 Alpg_web03 Alpg_web04 Alpg_web05 Alpg_web06 Alpg_web07 Alpg_web08
Danny + Zarine

Very rarely do we join in the dining when shooting weddings, mainly due to time constrains and so when Danny and Zarine asked me to join them, i gladly did so.

Here are some of the images from their lovely ceremony at The White Rabbit, Dempsey, Singapore over the weekend.


Blog_001 Blog_002 Blog_003 Blog_004 Blog_005 Blog_006 Blog_007 Blog_008
Darryl & Tanya

Darryl & Tanya got married over the weekend and I had a blast shooting their wedding. Darryl was put through a very mild door bargaining session and he has his father in law to thank for that. His father in law didn't allow the bridesmaids to 'torture' him but they still came up with very creative ideas to give him a difficult time at the door.

Here are just some images to share from their wedding day. More to come soon. For more updates, do check our facebook page as well. :)

Congratulations to you both again and if you guys are reading this, enjoy your trip in NZ!


Altd_web001 Altd_web002 Altd_web003 Altd_web004 Altd_web005 Altd_web006 Altd_web007 Altd_web008
Tee Off!

I had a great time shooting Ern and Su Mei's ROM ceremony on an amazing golf green.

The light was fantastic and the location is probably one of the best i have ever seen in Singapore.

Here's a preview of what happened last Saturday. Do visit our Facebook page for exciting moments of the door bargaining.


Lehes_012 Lehes_015 Lehes_014 Lehes_016 Lehes_018 Lehes_017 Lehes_020 Lehes_021
Hold Me, Kiss Me

Hope everyone had a great F1 weekend. :)

Just to share an image from last Friday's pre wedding shoot that I went along with Eng Hong. We'll be processing the rest of the images real soon so do come back and visit us on the blog.

In the meantime, we're also updating our Facebook page. :)



Save the Best for Last

We had a geat time with Patricia and Huan Lin today and were about to call it a day when i saw this.


More to come soon.


Kelvin+Yuet Leng

Its been four months since i last shot Kelvin and Yuet Leng's Pre Wedding in Morrocco and it still seems like it was yesterday.

Their wedding on Saturday was a fun and spontaneous event with all 30 of their bridesmaid and groomsmen actively participating in it.

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your celebrations and have fun at your Safari in Kenya.


Blog_001 Blog_002 Blog_003 Blog_004 Blog_005 Blog_006 Blog_007 Blog_008
A smile underneath

This image is from a recent bridal shoot just before I went for my reservist.

I liked how she was looking away with the flow of her veil slightly covering her face with her subtle smile.

More images from that shoot coming as well. :)


Darren & Liz married!

Darren & Liz exchanged their vows over the weekend at the beautiful Church Of St Francis Xavier. It was a intimate affair attended by close relatives and friends.

Here's 1 of my favourite images from their church ceremony. Definitely a proud and happy moment for her dad. :)

I'll have more images from their wedding day soon.



Style Weddings September 2009 - Adverts

We're also happy to let you know that we've got some of our work published in the current issue of Style Weddings as well.

Don't you agree that it's always nice to see your work in print? (Images are clickable)